Our Story

Our Story

The story of kiwi & WILLOW started about 14 years ago, so to give you the cliff notes: boy meets girl, multiple graduations & job opportunities, a wedding, first apartment together, cross country move from Florida to California and back to Florida to pursue more in life, lots of growth, one kitty adoption later and a team of two become three.

Jamil and Ingrid, husband and wife, moved out to Los Angeles during the pandemic. He would pursue his art interest while she worked on her sewing skills. They adopted Kiwi the kitten and one night while eating dinner, an idea popped into their heads. They combined both skills to bring a unique, custom pet accessory idea for furry best friends all over.

Kiwi is a gray tabby 2 year old cat who loves to sleep and play.  Her cousin, Willow, is our other inspiration. She's a sweet, Rottweiler mix who loves to give hugs. 

We are currently based out of the sunshine state, Florida.

We truly believe our pet portrait items will bring so much happiness to you and your pet, they are beyond adorable. All of our pet collars are handmade with the greatest care and we hope you love it, too!

Xoxo, Team kiwi & WILLOW